Super Bowl Sunday LVI 2022 Favourites

Football has always been a point of interest for millions of people from all around the world and various championships have a huge fan following. Amongst them is the Super Bowl championship. Resulting from a merger between two popular football leagues, the Super Bowl championship has had over 50 matches to date. This year, it will be happening at the SoFi stadium in Los Angeles on 13th February 2022.

Are you a huge fan of the Super Bowl championship and eager to know who are the favorites of the Super Bowl LVI 2022? Worry not for we will let you know everything. From the Super Bowl 2022 favorites to the Super Bowl 2022 odds, all of it!

Top 7 Super Bowl 2022 Favorites

Though countless football teams are competing to win the prize, there are a few teams that are predicted to win. In other words, they are the Super Bowl 2022 favorites. Are you thinking about who these teams are? Well, they are not mere predictions. The teams are evaluated and observed before making it to the favorites. Therefore, read below to find out.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

First up we have the defending champions; Tampa Bay Buccaneers. This is a professional American football team coming from Tampa, Florida. Forming up in 1976, the team has had its struggles and downfalls. However, they still managed to win several championships including the Super Bowl championship. That too twice! Yes, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers won the super bowl championship in 2003 and 2021.

For this year’s super bowl championship, the expectations are high for this particular, and therefore, it comes under the Super Bowl 2022 favorites. And with Bruce Arians as their head coach, it is safe to say they may take the prize this year too.

Kansas City Chief

While it may not be the defending champion like Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the Kansas City Chiefs are for sure one of the most favorites at the super bowl championship this year.
Similar to Tampa Bay, the Kansas City Chiefs are also a professional football team belonging to Kansas City in Missouri. Being the member club at the American Football league, they have competed in the National Football league several times.

As for the super bowl championship, the Kansas City Chiefs are equal to Tampa Bay Buccaneers as they have won two super bowl championships; one in 1970 and the other in 2020. So, what could be more interesting than watching Tampa Bay Buccaneers competing against Kansas City Chiefs.

LA Rams

LA Rams, also known as Los Angeles Rams, are also a professional team based in Los Angeles and a member of the National Football Conference. Beginning in 1936, this team has played its majority of games in SoFi stadium coupled with the Los Angeles Chargers. Just like the other favorites, the LA rams also had their ups and downs.
Nonetheless, they managed to win the Super Bowl prize in 2000 which proves how enthusiastic they may be to win it again 22 years later.

Buffalo Bills

Originating from Buffalo-Niagra Falls, Buffalo Bills is a member of the American Football Conference East Division. They usually play their home games at the Highmark Stadium.

Despite a playoff drought for several years and failed attempts of winning a super bowl, the buffalo bills did win a few times at American Football League. With continuous efforts, however, they are still expected to win this year and thus, counted as one of the favorites.

Green Bay Packers

Green Bay Packers is a member club of the NFC North division and plays professionally at various championships. Over the years, the packers have won over 13 championships which include various popular leagues. You must be thinking if they have won a super bowl or not. Well, they have.

Green bay packers have had four victories at the Super Bowl championship which may be the second-most in the NFL history overall. All the more reason for us to consider it as one of the favorites at the Super Bowl 2022.

San Francisco 49ers

The 49ers are based in San Francisco Bay area and have professionally competed in several leagues and have won in a few. They have also had a remarkable journey when it comes to the Super Bowl championship.

They have won over five super bowl titles which are even more than the green bay packers! And who knows? they may win the sixth one this year if the ambition and enthusiasm remain the same in the team. Therefore, we can safely include the 49ers in the favorites list.

Super Bowl 2022 Odds (Top 8)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers+600
Kansas City Chiefs+600
Buffalo bills+900
Green Bay Packers+1200
LA rams+850
San Francisco 49ers+1400
Cleveland Browns+1400
Baltimore Ravens+1600

Summing UP

Conclusively, countless teams may have the potential to win at the Super Bowl 2022 championship but a few can be considered as Super Bowl 2022 favorites. This is because of their great enthusiasm, excellent potential, and spectacular achievements in the past.

However, does it eliminate the chance of other teams to win? The truth is no. If your favorite team didn’t make it to the favorites list, don’t lose hope. They may win this year. Therefore, stick to your sofa on a Super Bowl Sunday, and don’t miss out on this thrilling game that will go on air at 6:30 pm EST!