Super Bowl Back to Back wins

Though many football championships take place all around the world, the Super Bowl Championship stands apart. Super Bowl championship was launched in 1966 and plays a crucial role in deciding the winner of the National Football League and there are several teams with Super Bowl back-to-back wins.

This time around, the Super Bowl Game is taking place on 13th February 2022 at SoFi stadium in Los Angeles. If you can watch it lives in the stadium, stream it online!

Super Bowl Back to Back Wins by Team

Over the years, many teams have won the Super Bowl Game. However, a few of them were lucky enough to have back-to-back wins. Are you wondering which teams were they? Well, here is a list and detailed account of teams who’ve had back-to-back wins at the Super Bowl.

Green Bay Packers

First on the list are the Green Bay Packers. The team was founded by Curly Lambeau and George Whitney Calhoun in 1919. For the first two years, the Green Bay Packers played with the local teams. Nonetheless, they started playing for the National Football league in 1921.

When the Super Bowl game came into existence, they were the first ones to win it. However, they did not stop here. They relentlessly made their way to the finals the next year and won the second title as well. This made them the first-ever team to win the Super Bowl Game back-to-back.

With a star-studded team and an excellent coach, the Green Bay Packers (35) beat the chiefs (10). They did not only win the title but also the MVP honors. The following year, they came back stronger and gained victory over the Raiders with a score of 33-14.

Miami Dolphins

Next, we have another American team, also a part of the American National Conference. After being launched in 1965, the Miami Dolphins have played several National Football Leagues and obviously, the Super Bowl Game as well.
They haven’t just played the game but have also won it not once but twice. And that too back-to-back. It was 1973 when Miamis got a 14-7 win over Washington. The next year, in 1974, they defended their trophy well and won again!

Pittsburgh Steelers

The first win came right after the dolphins with a 16-6 win over the Vikings. As for the second, The steelers had a close competition but they did manage to win from the Cowboys with a score of 21-17.

In 1979, the Pittsburgh Steelers made a huge comeback and secured the XIII Super Bowl title followed by the XIV super bowl title a year after.

San Francisco 49ers

Being a professional team based in San Francisco, San Francisco 49ers are a member club of the National Football Conference (NFC) and they joined the National Football League in 1949. When it comes to the Super Bowl championship, they’ve won played five of the titles from 1981 to 1994.

However, it was the 1989-90 period when they got lucky enough to win two consecutive Super Bowl titles.

Though San Francisco 49ers already won the Super Bowl game in 1985, they beat the Bengals again in 1989 and claimed the XXIII Super Bowl title and the very next title also in the year 1990.

Dallas Cowboys

Dallas Cowboys are another professional American Football team that has played in the National Football League as the member club of the National Football Conference- East division. Out of all the appearances they have made at the Super Bowl game, the Dallas Cowboys have won a total of five titles with two back-to-back wins.

In 1993, the Cowboys successfully defeated the Buffalo Bills with a mind-blowing score of 52-17. The very next year, they again managed to beat the buffalo bills but this time with a rather tight score, 30-13.

Denver Broncos

Based in Denver, Denver Broncos are and also a professional American football team and a member club of the American Football Conference. Unlike other teams, the Denver Broncos have barely been competitive during the first seven years at the National Football League and for the first ten years at the American Football league. Therefore, they had no wins from the year 1973 till 1977 and they have lost the most Super Bowl titles than other teams.

However, they did step up their game and managed to win three Super Bowl titles out of whom two were consecutive wins. In 1998, they beat the Green Bay Packers to claim the Super Bowl title and the very next year they defeated the Falcons. Henceforth, they got their hands on two successive Super Bowl titles.

New England Patriots

Originating from the Great-Boston area, the New England Patriots are a member club of the American Football Conference (AFC). they have not only played a significant number of the National Football Leagues but have also secured the most wins at the Super Bowl along with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

It was the 2004-2005 period when the New England Patriots defeated the Panthers in one season and the Eagles in the next season to win two back-to-back super bowl titles.

Below you can find a summed-up timeline of the teams and their wins.

1967-68The Green Bay PackersI and II
1973-74The Miami DolphinsVII and VIII
1975-76The Pittsburgh SteelersIX and X
1979-80The Pittsburgh SteelersXIII and XIV
1989-90The San Francisco 49ersXXIII and XXIV
1993-94The Dallas CowboysXXVII and XXVIII
1998-99The Denver BroncosXXXII and XXXIII
2004-2005The New England PatriotsXXXVIII and XXXIX
Super Bowl Back to Back Wins by Team

Most Super Bowl Wins

When it comes to the most super bowl wins, it can be classified into two categories: By team and by active player.

By team

The position of the most wins in the Super Bowl game is shared by two strong teams. These teams are none other than the New England Patriots and the Pittsburgh Steelers. With six wins each, these teams are said to have the most wins compared to other teams in the league.

Despite being hated by many opposing fans and being the underdogs in the game for a long time, the New England Patriots did manage to make a strong comeback and win the Super Bowl game like no other. Out of their six super bowl titles, two are consecutive (2003-2004) and the rest of the wins are spread over the 2003-2019 period.

Unlike the New England Patriots, the Pittsburgh Steelers were the seventh oldest franchise at NFL and a real deal for the opponents. However, they had to wait for 42 years before claiming their first-ever Super Bowl title. Since then, there was no going back. They have won a total of six titles out of whom four were consecutive. One pair of titles was in 1975 and 1976 while the other was in 1979 and 1980.

By The Active Player

As for the player with the most wins, it is the richest yet extremely competitive player; Tom Brady.

Thomas Edward Patrick Brady, mostly known as Tom Brady, is a professional American football player. For most of the years, he played with the New England Patriots and won six Super Bowl titles. However, he recently switched teams and is now with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. As soon as he switched the teams, he proved to be lucky for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and they won the latest Super Bowl title (LV).

Tom Brady is also the player with the most super bowl rings which are awarded to the players from the winning teams. Since he has won about seven Super Bowl titles, he automatically has gold and diamond rings with his team’s logo carved on them.

How many NFL Teams has won the Super Bowl as a wild Card

Though critics say that it is difficult for a wild card team to win the Super Bowl game, several playoff teams have proved them wrong. A total of six teams have won the Super Bowl titles as a wild card.

Here’s a list of these teams:

  • Oakland Raiders
  • Denver Broncos
  • Baltimore Ravens
  • Pittsburgh Steelers
  • New York Giants
  • Green Bay Packers

The era whereby these teams got to win as a wild card stretches from 1980 to 2010.

Super Bowl Winners by Year

Year Super Bowl Title Winning Team
1967IGreen Bay Packers
1968IIGreen Bay Packers
1969IIINew York Jets
1970IVKansas City Chiefs
1971VBaltimore Ravens
1972VIDallas Cowboys
1973VIIMiami Dolphins
1974VIIIMiami Dolphins
1975IXPittsburgh Steelers
1976XPittsburgh Steelers
1977XIOakland Raiders
1978XIIDallas Cowboys
1979XIIIPittsburgh Steelers
1980XIVPittsburgh Steelers
1981XVOakland Raiders
1982XVISan Francisco 49ers
1984XVIIILos Angeles Raiders
1985XIXSan Francisco 49ers
1986XXThe Chicago Bears
1987XXINew York Giants
1989XXIIISan Francisco 49ers
1990XXIVSan Francisco 49ers
1991XXVNew York Giants
1993XXVIIDallas Cowboys
1994XXVIIIDallas Cowboys
1995XXIXSan Francisco 49ers
1996XXXDallas Cowboys
1997XXXIGreen Bay Packers
1998XXXIIDenver Broncos
1999XXXIIIDenver Broncos
2001XXXVBaltimore Ravens
2002XXXVIThe New England Patriots
2003XXXVIITampa Bay Buccaneers
2004XXXVIIIThe New England Patriots
2005XXXIXThe New England Patriots
2006XLPittsburgh Steelers
2008XLIINew York Giants
2009XLIIIPittsburgh Steelers
2010XLIVNew Orleans
2011XLVGreen Bay Packers
2012XLVINew York Giants
2013XLVIIBaltimore Ravens
2014XLVIIISeattle Seahawks
2015XLIXThe New England Patriots
2016LDenver Broncos
2017LIThe New England Patriots
2019LIIIThe New England Patriots
2020LIVThe Kansas City Chiefs
2021LVTampa Bay Buccaneers

Final Thoughts

While the New England Patriots and the Pittsburgh Steeler have won the most seasons and Tom Brady is the player with the most wins, many other teams, and their players have great potential. Therefore, keep following the latest updates regarding the Super Bowl. The tables may turn this year!

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