How to Watch Super Bowl LVI 2022 Live Streaming Online

If you are a huge fan of sports especially football, you probably are aware of the Super Bowl legacy. However, if you still don’t know what it is or what network Super Bowl 2022 is on, worry not we are going to tell you the ways how to watch Super Bowl 56 2022 live streaming and much more.

Super Bowl is an annual championship that was formed after an agreement between the two leading football leagues; National Football League and American Football League. Since 1967, it takes place every year on the first Sunday of February and has been played between the two best teams from National Football Conference and American Football Conference. These two teams go head-to-head for the ultimate NFL prize and a couple of other rewards that come with it.

This year, Super Bowl is coming back for the 56th time and if you still don’t know the Super Bowl Sunday 2022 start time then worry not, it’s on 13th February 2021. Imagine how thrilling it would be to watch two amazing teams compete to grab the prize. Do you want to join them on this roller-coaster ride? Go fetch your popcorns and drinks for we are going to guide you on how to watch Super Bowl LVI 2022 Live online or otherwise.

Which TV Channels will Broadcast Super Bowl LVI 2022 in USA?

When it comes to who will air the Super Bowl LVI 2022, there has been a bit going on. However, a recent article by New York Post confirmed that CBS and NBC have traded their slots.

National Broadcasting Network, also known as NBC, is an American-based commercial television and radio network that provides coverage all over America and elsewhere. Founded in 1926, NBC is said to be the oldest broadcasting network present in America. On the other hand, Columbia Broadcasting System, commonly referred to as CBS, is also an American-based commercial television and radio network.

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Earlier, NBC and CBS were all set to cover Super Bowl championship LVI 2021 and 2022, respectively. But there were some changes to the schedule due to situational variables.

After switching the spots, NBC will now be covering both the Super Bowl championship along with winter Olympics in 2022. Whereas CBS will be covering the Super Bowl championship along with NCAA final four in 2021.

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You can also access the live stream of the NBC channel via its sports app.

Which TV Channels will Broadcast Super Bowl Championship 2022 in Canada?

While NBC will be broadcasting Super Bowl LVI 2022 for the fans in the USA, the question remains that who will televise the game in other countries? Well, if you are a Canadian fan, here’s your answer.

In Canada, The Sports Network (TSN) and CTV network will broadcast the spectacular game; Super Bowl LVI 2022.

The Sports Network, also known as TSN, is a Canadian broadcasting network launched in 1984. Ever since its establishment, TSN has provided exclusive coverage of various national championships include football leagues.

Whereas, CTV television network is also a Canadian with English as its primary language. To many people’s surprise, it is not only the oldest network but also a terrestrial television network that transmits radio waves to broadcast. After its establishment in 1958, the CTV television network produced some of the famous programs that included Top Cat and Showdown.

Today, the CTV television network is counted amongst the largest privately owned Canadian countries. And they, along with TSN, will take the golden opportunity to broadcast the favorite game of masses in Canada.

How to Watch LIVE Stream of Super Bowl 2022 from the UK?

Super Bowl game-time fans from all over the world will not be deprived of the Live coverage of the championship. Be it the USA or UK, Super Bowl will be broadcast everywhere. As for the UK, there are multiple channels selected for televising Super Bowl LVI 2022.


Ever heard of the BBC television network? Owned by British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), the BBC television network comprises a news channel and sports channel along with a channel for entertainment and primetime dramas. 

They will be televising Super Bowl 56 2022 live streaming for free.


Next up we have Sky one.

Launched on 26th April 1986, Sky one was a satellite television that now provides wide coverage of current affairs and sports across the UK and Ireland. 

They will also be broadcasting Super Bowl LVI 2022 live on 13th February.

BBC Radio Live

If you may be traveling or you are an old school who loves listening to the radio, this one’s for you.

There will also be a live radio coverage of the championship by BBC. All you have to do is tune in to their radio channel to enjoy the live commentary!

How to Watch LIVE Stream of Super Bowl LVI from the USA?

Though Americans have a chance to watch the match live in the stadium, there will be huge media coverage for those who cannot make it to SoFI stadium on 13th February.

Here’s a list of Super Bowl LVI 2022 networks in the USA. What’s more? We’ve given an overview to guide you further.


Firstly, we have Fubo TV which is not only a multichannel video programming distributor but also covers sports related events in 4k resolution. Yes, you read it right. 4K resolution!

FuboTV began in 2015, however, it was 2018 when they first aired sports in 4k. Ever since that, they have given sports streams a new dimension. With 545,000 subscribers and the best overall services, FuboTV is a good suggestion for viewers residing in the USA.

FuboTV Packages

Subscription fee/monthHoursChannelsScreens allowed at a time
FUBO Starter$64.99 250 111 3
FUBO Pro$69.99 100011110
FUBO Elite$79.99 100015610


With over 65,000 on-demand titles, Direct TV has got the football fans covered on a Super Bowl Sunday. 

It is a California-based direct broadcast satellite service provider which was first launched in 1994. However, it became an online streaming service in 2016. Today, you can access their streaming services through your mobile with a few clicks only.

DirecTV Packages

Subscription fee/per monthChannels
Choice (most popular)$84.9990+

Aside from these amazing packages and features, DirecTV gives you an option to cancel your subscription anytime. Isn’t it convenient?

Yahoo sports

To provide the fans with the best, Yahoo sports have paired up with National Football League, also known as NFL. All you have to do is download the app on your phone or tablet to watch Super Bowl LVI 2022. 

YouTube TV

In technologically advanced times such as this, YouTube has been a famous name in the online stream industry. From entertainment, beauty, and lifestyle to gaming and sports, YouTube provides a wide range of videos for its diverse audience. You can access YouTube from almost anywhere with your mobile, tablet, or Television.

Like previous years, YouTube will provide a live stream of Super Bowl LVI 2022 networks. Though there may be some advertisements in between, you can watch your favorite match with little to no interruption and in high quality. 

Watch Super Bowl LVI 2022 Live Stream in Australia

There are multiple live stream options available for fans in America and Canada. However, Australian fans may be wondering what they shall do to watch The Super Bowl LVI 2022 live. Worry no more for we have an answer for you.

In Australia, ESPN and One HD will be providing free on-air live coverage of the match for the fans locally.

Nonetheless, there are a few live streaming options that Australian fans may find useful.

Foxtel GO app

Foxtel GO app is an extension of Foxtel which is a set-top box that was launched in 2018. Though it is relatively new in the market, Foxtel still offers top-quality entertainment and coverage along with fast online streaming services. However, you will need to pay a subscription fee in order to have their set-top box and access to the Foxtel GO app.

Once you have paid the fee, the Foxtel GO app might be a really good option to watch Super Bowl LVI live from anywhere. All you have to do is press a few buttons and you are good to go!


Owned by Seven Network, 7 plus is a catch-up TV service that provides a wide range of services including sports.

Whether you want to access it through an android, iOS, or your smart TV, it will be extremely convenient for you. Therefore, you can stream the Super Bown live-action live or watch it later if you miss it. Isn’t it great for those who might miss the live stream?

NFL Game Pass

For those who do not have a Foxtel subscription or cannot manage to avail the other two options, NFL Game Pass may be of help.

This is an official streaming service provided by NFL itself. Along with high quality and fast streaming service, the users get access to free replays of the matches they like. However, it comes with a cost.

Just like other streaming services, NFL Game Pass is a paid streaming service but the fee falls under a reasonable range. A super Bowl pass is available for $34.99. Anyone with the Super Bowl craze would happily afford it.

Can I Watch Super Bowl LVI 2022 Championship Live on Reddit?

If you do not still know what Reddit is, it is basically a discussion website that is also considered as a social news aggregation. Additionally, the audience can rate web content as well.

As for The Super Bowl LVI 2022, you may not be able to watch the match live but all the fans can gather there to have a discussion before, during, or after it takes place. Along with this, you can also acquire information from this website regarding the location, date, and other details.

 Do you want to know who is performing at halftime or at what time the match will start in your country/region? Head over to Reddit and you will get an answer for sure.

Watch Super Bowl LVI 56 Live from any Country

While super bowl fans are spread all over the world, the game may not be available for streaming live in several countries. However, don’t get disappointed if you support residing outside of the USA for we have a solution for you.

Yes, we are talking about using VPN or proxies!

Basically, VPN changes your IP address which allows you to access websites that are otherwise inaccessible for your domain. In easy words, it alters your location via its private servers.

Do you want to know how to use a VPN? Here is how it’s done.

The steps are easy to comprehend and follow. Firstly, you need to find a suitable VPN that is safe and secure. We would suggest you go for Express VPN, which is the best VPN for streaming sports. ExpressVPN has 1/3/6 months subscription packages with a very cheap price.

Next up, you will have to link your server to the UK. This will help in accessing BBC iplayer. Once you have reached the website, sign in using the relevant details and there you go! You will now have access to live streaming of Super Bowl LVI 2022.

Follow the steps above and enjoy the LIVE game on a super bowl Sunday.

Live Stream Super Bowl LVI 2022 with NFL Game Pass

As we mentioned earlier, an NFL game pass may be a suitable option for Australians who are eager to join the two teams while they compete to win. However, this offer is not limited to Australians. Fans from all over the world can avail it regardless of their country/region.

All you have to do is subscribe to their online streaming service and pay the fee. There you go! One of the best services at your doorstep.

With the NFL Game Pass on board, you can have access to multiple elite features like replays and much more. What’s more? You get a free 7-day trial and a special offer till 31rst July 2022 which is absolutely free.

If you want to know more about the plans, here are the details to enlighten you.

Subscription feeGame highlights (5 mins/ full replay)Super Bowl LVI 2022 LIVEMultiple devices
Free packageNone5 mins onlyNot availableAllowed
Essential$34.99 5 mins only Not available Allowed
PRO$124.99 Available Available Allowed

Therefore, you will need to subscribe to the PRO package in order to watch Super Bowl LVI LIVE.

Watch Super Bowl 56 2022 on KODI Live

Since Super Bowl LVI 2022 is quite popular, it will go on-air and will be available on various online streaming services. Nevertheless, the majority of services will come along with a subscription fee. Are you thinking of an option that is extremely convenient as well as free? We have a suggestion for you; KODI Live.

KODI live is an open-source media player which is absolutely free of cost. Also, it can easily be customized, you can change the appearance and color combinations as per your choice.

There are some exciting features to it as well. One of such features includes getting connected to a LIVE TV via Electronic Program Guide (EPG) and PVR/DVR. Other core features include video and audio playback,  image display, music player, and managing games.

For Super Bowl fans, It is very much possible to watch the match live through KODI live by accessing several online streams. However, there are a few steps that they need to follow for that.

First, they will need to sign up with a reliable VPN to access the streams which may be forbidden in their domain. Once the VPN is ready to operate, download KODI LIVE along with the add-ons you may want. After KODI LIVE has been downloaded, connect the server with it and you’re good to go!

Super Bowl Live Streaming FAQs

Now that you may be clear on Super Bowl LVI 2022 networks and what networks is Super Bowl LVI will be on in various countries, here are some of the commonly asked questions for further clarifications.

Q. Can I watch Super Bowl LVI 2022 in 4K?

Last year, CBS could not manage to provide its viewers with ultra-HD 4K resolution due to various reasons whereas Fox did air the match in 4K resolution. This time around, we can hope for NBC to announce that Super Bowl LVI will be aired in 4K.

Aside from the TV channels, some online streaming services may be able to provide 4K resolution e.g., DirecTV.

Q. How to buy the Tickets for Super Bowl LVI 2022?

What could be better than having an on-ground experience of watching your favorite match live? But, for that you will need to buy the tickets and here is how you can do that.

You can either buy the tickets from NFL directly or its affiliated partners like the Hall of Fame. Aside from this, you can buy the tickets through a reseller.

Q. Did the Super Bowl 2022 date change?

Yes, it did.

Typically, the Super Bowl championship takes place on the first Sunday of every year’s February. However, it was pushed one week further due to several reasons which means it will now take place on 13th February now.