How Much Are Super Bowl Rings Worth?

A Super Bowl Ring is an extraordinary award in the NFL (National Football League) given to the team members of the winning team. It’s a symbol for a winning team to memorize their victory. These rings are professionally made from yellow Gold with some diamonds. A Super Bowl Ring includes the team name and logo. However, the shape of each round may differ from the previous one to keep its uniqueness.

How much is a Super Bowl Winner’s ring worth?

Do you know how much are Super Bowl Rings worth? It’s a very tricky question because the cost of a super bowl ring is often kept private by each franchise. Moreover, not all rings are created equally, which further adds confusion in assessing super bowl ring cost.

However, if we talk about the average super bowl ring price, as per our research, it could cost anywhere from $40,000 to $50,000 depending upon the franchise and winning team. According to ESPN, the Patriots,s rings in the Super Bowl XLIX Championship cost around $36,000 each. The Auction price of these rings is even much higher; Lawrence Taylor’s ring from the Super Bowl XXV was sold for $230,401 in 2012.

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Who Pays For the Super Bowl Ring?

NFL (National Football League) contributes around $5,000 to $7,000 per ring, and they usually contribute this amount for at least 150 rings for the winning team. However, the team and franchise usually bear additional costs such as added gems, diamonds, or Gold.

What is the Most Valuable Super Bowl Ring?

The most expensive Super Bowl Ring value was reported by the New England Patriots that cost around $36,000 each. It was one of the most expensive super bowl rings ever produced by Jostens, with 283 diamonds.

How Much Gold is in a Super Bowl Ring?

When it comes to Gold in a Super Bowl Ring, there are certain restrictions and guidelines that each design must comply with. A rule states, “a super bowl ring should not include a diamond larger than 1.5 carats”. According to some authentic sources, the ring must contain ten karats of pure Gold up to 47.67% pure. If we combine all these ratios, the average super bowl ring would cost around $30,000 to $50,000 or even more at auction.

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Can You Buy a Super Bowl Ring?

Several replicas of Super Bowl Rings are available online at a very affordable price tag. However, the genuine Super Bowl Rings are costly as they have been sold up to $250,000 each. The prices of these genuine rings are often higher due to the higher number of bids in the auction.

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Do Super Bowl Rings Have Diamonds?

Yes, the Super Bowl Rings have Diamonds that make them eye-catching and visible. These rings are professionally crafted with real diamonds. However, the amount and quantity of these diamonds may vary. The most giant super bowl ring contains 205 diamonds in the 2015 Championship.


It’s an old NFL locker room saying that states,” You can go to the bank and borrow money, but you cannot borrow a Super Bowl Ring from a bank.” A Super Bowl Ring is an excellent masterpiece with more historical value and importance. We hope our detailed guide on how much are Super Bowl Rings worth has provided you with relevant knowledge on this topic; if you have any queries, don’t hesitate to comment below.

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