Super Bowl LVI 56 Halftime Show – Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Mary J. Blige, Kendrick Lamar

Are you wondering what to do during the break between the first and second or second and third quarters of Super Bowl Sunday LVI 56? Well, the Super Bowl LVI 56 Halftime show will be there to save you from boredom. If you still don’t know the super bowl lvi kickoff time, then read this.

For multiple decades, Super Bowl has been an intriguing game for football fans, specifically the ones who love American football. This time around, they are back with great enthusiasm and an amazing game plan which is enough to not leave the audience disappointed. On the contrary, the game will be thrilling enough to stick you to your seats till the end, like every year. 

Super Bowl LVI 56 will take place on 13th February 2022 at the SoFi stadium, Los Angeles. While the audience will remain entertained through the performance of the two excellent football teams, there will also be a halftime show to add a spark.

So, grab your popcorns and stick to your seats during the halftime period for your favorite singers will put up a memorable show! 

Who will Perform at the Super Bowl LVI 2022 Halftime Show?

It was just yesterday when The Weeknd performed tremendously at the Super Bowl 2021. Although everyone loved his overall performance, some had differing opinions regarding the reception of the show. Some liked it while the others did not. 

Now that Super Bowl 2022 is approaching, questions have arisen as to who will perform at the Super Bowl LVI 2022 halftime show? Well, they are the most talented yet popular singers the industry has right now. This time around, the Super Bowl LVI 2022 championship has paired the following singers for the halftime show.


Andre Romelle Young, professionally known as Dr.Dre, is an American rapper, an audio engineer, and a renowned businessman. Being a multi-talented person, Dr.Dre has a huge list of accomplishments. However, he has made significant contributions to the music industry.

From Eminem’s Slim shady to D12’s devil night, he has produced some remarkable albums. What’s more exciting is he is a great rap singer with millions of fans following.

Doesn’t it tell you how amazing he could be on the stage as well? Yes, it surely does!

Snoop Dogg

Born in California, Calvin Cordozar Broadus is also an American rap singer who goes by the name Snoop Dogg, professionally. In 1992, he gave his debut “deep cover” and he has not looked back since then.

Though some of you may know this guy through memes, he really Is an excellent addition to the show!


Here comes a legend.

With back-to-back hits and millions of fans from all over the world, Eminem Is a spectacular American rapper with estimated sales of 220 million records.

Mary j. Blige

Mary j. Blige is also an American singer belonging from Bronx, New York. She is an actress as well as a singer with over a sale hundred million records.

Her career began in 1991 when she signed NY uptown records. From the, she went on and on until she gave the industry the biggest of her hits, “the family affair.”

This year around, she has been taken aboard for the Super Bowl Sunday 2022 halftime show and she surely will rock the stage.

Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamar is also a California-born American rap singer with an ongoing list of amazing hits. From songwriting to producing, he has played a huge role in keeping the music industry floating.

Here is the official trailer of this year’s Halftime Show

Which Channel is Broadcasting the Super Bowl 2022 Halftime Show? 

On popular demand, various television networks will broadcast the Super Bowl LVI championship and subsequently, the halftime show, in different parts of the world. Do you live in Europe, the USA, or the UK and want to know which channel is broadcasting the Super Bowl 2022 halftime show in your region? Read below to find out. 

United States of America 

For American fans, the go-to channel on a super bowl Sunday will be the National broadcasting company (NBC)’s sports channel. There, you will be able to see the whole match along with the halftime show. 

United Kingdom

The BBC television service will be televising the Super Bowl LVI 2022 in the UK.

Launched in 1936, the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) television network provides all types of content; from sports to dramas, they have it all. 

If you are a Super Bowl fan living in the UK, you can watch the halftime show on BBC One. 


There are multiple options available for Australian fans. If they are looking for a free channel that will televise Super Bowl LVI and its halftime show, we recommend Channel 7. 

However, you can watch the match and halftime show live on Fox sports if you have pay TV. 


For Europeans, there may not be any channel broadcasting Super Bowl LVI 2022 live. However, this does not eliminate their chance of being a part of the halftime show! European fans can still manage to stream Super Bowl LVI live online. 

How to watch the Live Streaming of the Super Bowl LVI Halftime show? 

If you belong to a region where no channel would be broadcasting the Super Bowl LVI halftime show, we have a solution for you; watch it online!

Now, the question remains as to how can it be done? It’s easy. All you have to do is find a good mobile streaming app. In case you are confused about which app may be most suitable, here are some suggestions. 

YouTube TV 

First up is the most commonly used online streaming app, YouTube TV. with over 50+ channels available for online streaming, YouTube TV provides an efficient service to its audience all over the globe. 

Therefore, you can easily access the live online streaming of NBC via Youtube TV that too free of cost. 


FuboTV is another option worth considering. It provides on-demand services that are extremely fast. You can also avail of the offer of 7-day free trials to watch your favorite football watch without any disturbance.

However, ESPN is not available on the app for streaming 

Sling TV

Sling TV is a good alternative to cable TV and is an on-demand service that provides access to a wide variety of channels for you. 

NFL mobile app

What could be better than watching the LIVE streaming of the Super Bowl coming from one of their own?

Yes, National Football League has its own app as well which is an excellent choice for watching football matches, online. 

Who performed at the Super Bowl 2021?

The Weeknd it was. 

Things at Super Bowl LV took an interesting turn when the Weeknd appeared during the halftime show only to rock the stage later on and amaze the audience. 

With Jennifer performing at the halftime show in 2020, the bar was set quite high. Nonetheless, it is safe to say that he performed equally well if not better. 


Conclusively, the Super bowl 2022 halftime show is an amazing add-on to the spectacular championship and it is worth watching. Though some of the things are not finalized yet, it still will be a show to remember forever!