Dallas Cowboys Last Super Bowl Win

Are you also wondering about what years did the cowboys win the super bowl? Well, you’re not alone as many people are desperately looking for its answer. The Dallas Cowboys have appeared times the Super Bowl championship. After Pittsburgh Steelers and Denver Broncos, the Dallas Cowboys have the record of highest super bowl participation. Out of the total eight appearances, the Dallas Cowboys won five of them, which is a pretty impressive record for any Super Bowl team.

Which Super Bowls did the Cowboys Win?

Remember, the Cowboys joined the NFL (National Football League) in 1960, and they had to experience the worst losing seasons up to five years continuously. If we talk about the most recent victory of the Dallas Cowboys, it was in 1996 against Pittsburgh Steelers. However, here are the details of the following victories of the Dallas Cowboys listed below.

Super Bowl VI: Dallas Cowboys VS Miami Dolphins (1972)

In 1972, the Cowboys witnessed their first Super Bowl Victory against Miami Dolphins. During the match, the cowboys made a record of 252 rushing yards. Remember, this was the peak era of Roger Staubach, Duane Thomas, and many other famous NFL players.

Super Bowl XII: Dallas Cowboys VS Denver Broncos (1978)

It was one of the most-watched Super Bowl matches of the Dallas Cowboys, with more than 100 million fans watching at home and in-stadium. The Cowboys made a great victory by 27-10 against Denver Broncos.

Super Bowl XXVII: Dallas Cowboys VS Buffalo Bills (1993)

In 1993, the Cowboys witnessed their biggest win with a remarkable 52-17 against the Buffalo Bills. The Cowboys made 108 rushing yards, making it the most straightforward success of their career.

Super Bowl XXVIII: Dallas Cowboys VS Buffalo Bills

In 1994, the Dallas Cowboys had a rematch with Buffalo Bills just after win year. Luckily, they won the second consecutive Super Bowl match with a winning margin of 30-13 against the Buffalo Bills. With 132 yards and two touchdowns, the Dallas Cowboys won the game.

Super Bowl XXX: Dallas Cowboys VS Pittsburgh Steelers

In 1996, the Cowboys finally marked their victory against Pittsburgh Steelers. It was also known as victory revenge over the Steelers. However, this was the Dallas Cowboys’ last win until now, but fans are hopeful to see their favorite team winning in the 2021-2022 upcoming season.

How Many Super Bowls Have the Cowboys Won Since 2000?

Unfortunately, the Cowboys haven’t won any Super Bowl match since 1996. However, the Dallas Cowboys fans desperately want to see them back in form like the 90s. If we talk about the Playoffs, the Dallas Cowboys have won 3 times since 2000. The cowboy’s last playoff win was in January 1994 against San Francisco.

Cowboys Super Bowl Appearance Dates?

These are the following Appearance Dates of the Dallas Cowboys in the Super Bowl Championships.

Super Bowl V: Dallas Cowboys VS Baltimore Colts-1971
Super Bowl VI: Dallas Cowboys VS Miami Dolphins-1972
Super Bowl X: Dallas Cowboys VS Pittsburgh Steelers-1976
Super Bowl XII: Dallas Cowboys VS Denver Broncos-1978
Super Bowl XIII: Dallas Cowboys VS Pittsburgh Steelers-1979
Super Bowl XXVII: Dallas Cowboys VS Buffalo Bills-1993
Super Bowl XXVIII: Dallas Cowboys VS Buffalo Bills-1994
Super Bowl XXX: Dallas Cowboys VS Pittsburgh Steelers-1996


We all know that it’s been ages since the Dallas Cowboys won a Super Bowl Championship. Cowboy’s fans also seem to be disappointed by their poor performance. In this article, we have tried our best to explain the complete Super Bowl history of the Dallas Cowboys with facts and figures. If you have any queries, don’t hesitate to comment below.

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