Super Bowl LVI 2022 Start Time, Odds, Venue, Live Streaming

Are you a sports enthusiast with immense love for football but you struggle to find a good sports event to watch on a Sunday? Here’s a good recommendation; Super bowl Sunday LVI 2022.

Super Bowl is a professional football championship game played between the champions of AFC and NFC, the race to the championship is played every year for 18 weeks from September to January between 32 teams with 16 each team of NFC and AFC.

Are you wondering what is the Super Bowl start time this year? Well, here are the details below:

Super Bowl Start Time

Here are some important details you need to know about Super Bowl Sunday LVI 56

TeamsLos Angeles Rams vs Cincinnati Bengals
Date 13 February 2022
Time6:30 pm EST (That’s 5:30 pm Central, 4:30 pm Mountain, and 3:30 pm Pacific time.)
VenueSoFi Stadium, California
Official TV BroadcastCBS Sports and NBC
Live Stream Watch AnywhereExpressvpn (100% risk-free and cheap)
National Anthem“The Star-Spangled Banner”

What date is Super Bowl LVI 2022?

If you are still unaware of the date, on which Super Bowl Sunday will take place, worry no more! For, we are here to enlighten you.

This time around, Surprisinglily Super Bowl Big game will be held on the 2nd Sunday of February 13th February 2022. The reason is the change in games schedule of NFL regular season.

The legacy doesn’t end here.

Super Bowl takes place annually so you will get to see the thrilling game time and again. Here are the future dates and locations of Super Bowl LVII, Super Bowl LVIII, and much more.

Super Bowl LVII 2023Location: Glendale, state Farm stadiumDate: 5th February 2023
Super Bowl LVIII
Location: Allegiant stadium, Las VegasDate: 11 February 2024
Super Bowl LIX
Location: New Orleans Mercedes SuperdomeDate: 9th February 2025

Who will host the Super Bowl 2022?

Have you ever heard of SoFi stadium? Located in the southeast of Los Angeles, this stadium was constructed in September 2020. Ever since its beginning, SoFi stadium has been a ground for several popular football games including the LA Bowl and Super Bowl.

Several channels have confirmed that Los Angeles (California) will be the host committee for Super Bowl LVI despite the increase in the Covid19 pandemic.

Los Angeles has hosted several Super Bowl games in the past including the first-ever edition; Super Bowl I.

With all the preparations in order, Los Angeles (SoFI Stadium) is all set to become the host committee for this spectacular football game.

What is the Super Bowl start time 2022?

Though the Super Bowl LVI 2022 kick-off time is 6:30 pm ET, it may differ in various time zones.

If you’re wondering when does the Super Bowl LVI 2022 starts in your country or city, read below to find out the Super Bowl Sunday game time in your region.

USA Super Bowl kick-off time zones are as follows:

  • 6: 30 pm Eastern Time (ET)
  • 3:30 pm Pacific Time (PT)
  • 5:30 pm Central Time (CT)
  • 4:30 pm Mountain Time (MT)
  • 2:30 pm Alaskan Standard Time (AST)
  • 1:30 pm Hawaii Standard Time (HST)

Canada Super Bowl Time

If you’re from Canada’s capital city or perhaps you’ll be a tourist there on a Super Bowl Sunday, lucky for you the Super Bowl kick-off time will remain the same as there is little to no difference between eastern time and Ottawa, the capital city of Canada.

However, there are different time zones in various Canadian cities. They are mentioned below for your ease:

Vancouver (GMT 8)3:30 pm
Halifax (GMT 4)7:30 pm
Regina (GMT 6)5:30 pm
Edmonton (GMT 8)4:30 pm
Winnipeg (GMT 6)5:30 pm
Newfoundland (GMT 3.30)8:00 pm

Mexico Super Bowl Game Time

For Mexicans, the super bowl kicks off time will be earlier than that of the USA. This is because eastern time goes one hour ahead of Mexico. Therefore, the Super Bowl Sunday LVI 2022 start time for Mexico will be 5:30 pm ET.

Germany Super Bowl GMT Time

Since Germany remains six hours ahead of eastern time, the expected Super Bowl kick-off time for German viewers will be 12:30 pm GMT+1

United Kingdom Super Bowl Sunday Eastern Time

Like various other countries, the United Kingdom is a few hours ahead of the Eastern Time zone which means that the Super Bowl start time will differ there. Since the United Kingdom is five hours ahead of Eastern Time, the Super Bowl kick-off time is 11:30 pm ET.

What time is the Super Bowl pacific time?

6:30 pm ET is 3: 30 pm in Pacific Time. This means that Super Bowl will begin at 3:30 pm PT.

What time is the Super Bowl central time?

5:30 pm CT it is.

How to watch The Super Bowl 2022?

If you’re thinking of how to watch The Super Bowl LVI 2022 for free online? Here’s a precise yet comprehensive guide to enlighten you. Whether you watch it live in the stadium or otherwise, the quality will not differ. Thanks to the latest technology.

Stream online for free

You don’t have TV channels subscription? Or you may have a busy schedule that does not allow you to watch the game on time? Worry not.

With technological advancement, there are several inexpensive and effective ways to stream Super Bowl LVII for free. Here’s a list of various apps that you can use to stream Super Bowl LVI 2022 online.


Most of you may already be familiar with the most popular online streaming app; Youtube.

It does not only provide the user with ease and convenience but it also has a variety of videos to suit the viewers’ choice. From beauty and lifestyle vlogs to gaming and sports, they have it all!

As for the super bowl fans, youtube provides live streaming of The Super Bowl through giving excess to various channels like CBS, NBC, Fox, and much more. 

Sling TV

Sling TV is an American-based app that provides live-stream television programming that too on a free trial. Though it is only available in selective markets, it is a good go-to app for streaming Super Bowl 2022 online.

NFL App and Website

To provide the Super Bowl fans with a personalized experience, NFL has developed its own website along with an app for further convenience.

There are multiple features that add to the user’s ease. One of such features is the schedules that are available online and statistics extracted from the latest matches.

If you want to view your favorite part of the match, they’ll help you with that too. They have combined a range of different video clips from various matches.

CBS Sports App

CBS is another viable option to stream Super Bowl LVI 2022 online. It’s easy to use and the coverage is amazing.

Aside from 24-hour coverage, they provide the viewers with match highlights and statistics.


Being a not-for-profit service, Locast provides vast coverage to various channels without any charges.

Whether it is Super Bowl LVI 2022 or any other sports event, you can watch it from the comfort of your home.

How to Watch Super Bowl on TV

Aside from various apps and websites, you can watch Super bowl LVI via television as well.

Initially, CBS was supposed to cover Super Bowl 56 whereas NBC had to broadcast Super Bowl 55. However, they later planned to swap. Therefore, Super Bowl LVI, also known as Super Bowl 56, will now be televised on NBC sports which is a programming division of NBC.

Having its headquarters at 30 Rockefeller New York, NBC is a widespread American broadcasting television network. From Entertainment to sports, they cover everything.

How to watch Super Bowl LVI 2022 online Outside of USA?

If you live outside of the USA but still are a huge fan of the Super Bowl, you don’t have to worry about how you can watch Super Bowl LVI 2022. The ultimate solution is ExpressVPN.

You will need to use a VPN to access the live stream of your favorite show.

Though there are multiple VPNs available out there, we suggest you use express VPN which is absolutely safe, secure, and cheap with 1,3, and 6 months subscriptions.

Which teams will play the Super Bowl 56 Big Game?

The wait is finally over, two teams from NFC and AFC have made it to the Super Bowl Big game. The Cincinnati Bengals will clash with the Los Angeles Rams in the most entertaining Super Bowl 56 Championship at SoFi Stadium, California.

Super Bowl LVI Halftime show

This year, Super Bowl is not only bringing up a thrilling game with two of the top teams playing but a show to remember forever.

Are you wondering who’s going to perform at the Super Bowl Halftime show this time? Well, it’s not just one celebrity. This time a bunch of highly-rated artists will be on stage for the Super Bowl fans. These singers are fully capable of lighting the stage on fire and we mean it!

Though there were many rumors circulating as to who will perform on the Super Bowl LVI’s halftime show, it is now confirmed! The league alongside Pepsi and Jay-Z’s Roc nation have recently put out the names of artists performing at the halftime show this year. Here is the list of artists who will perform in halftime Show 2022.

Tickets to Super Bowl LVI 2022

Are you looking for the information on Super Bowl LVI 2022 Tickets and do not know what to do? We got you! Read further to know how it can be done.

How to buy tickets for Super Bowl LVI 2022?

Even though there is a range of options available through which you can watch Super Bowl LVI for free while sitting in any corner of the world, you may still miss the out-on-the-ground experience.

Well, there are multiple options available. Firstly, you can buy the tickets through the hall of fame or through an NFL team. Secondly, the tickets can be bought via resellers.

Note: Read the complete details about the Tickets here!

How much do the Tickets cost?

The cost depends on multiple factors which include when and how you buy the ticket.

The sooner you buy the ticket, the cheaper it will be. However, prices increase with each passing day so the ticket prices may be highly inflated once the event gets closer, Therefore, grab yours now to avoid high prices!

Aside from this, the ticket might differ from market to market. Buying a ticket package directly from the Hall of fame or buying through an NFL team may be inexpensive compare to buying the tickets through a reseller in a secondary market.

Also, season ticket holders of the two winning teams may be at advantage here. This is because the teams are given loads and loads of tickets to offer to their ticket holders. However, the other two options may be more suitable for you if you are not a ticket holder.

Tickets and Hotel packages

If you live outside of the host city and still want to witness the two winning teams competing to win the game, cheap tickets and hotel packages may save much of your money.

Various websites and affiliated partners are offering ticket and hotel packages that are convenient as well as affordable. Therefore, they can be extremely beneficial, especially when you are on a budget.

One of such websites is a hall of fame experience. It has officially partnered with the Pro football hall of fame to provide the fans with amazing Super Bowl LVI 2022 ticket packages. They not only offer excellent ticket packages for seats from all over the stadium but they also have some premium hotel accommodations. These hotels give you a service no lesser than a five-star hotel. Whether you want a corner seat or a lower-level endzone seat, they have the options for all!

Note: If you want to know about the Free Tickets to Super Bowl Championship, read the complete details here.

Also, NFL itself is offering a variety of ticket packages. This includes their Club 67 package which gives excellent seating options, live headlines and access to an open bar, and remarkable catering by Wolfgang. All of this comes with an extremely hospitable environment.

However, the best one amongst all is “On the Fifty. You must be thinking what the big deal is, right? Well, what could be better than learning more from one of the team members? Yes, they offer that along with access to the ultra-premium bars and exquisite cuisine prepared by the top chef. Not to mention the musical performances and meet and greet opportunities.

Do you want to avail one of these ticket packages? Head over to the aforementioned websites now to do so.

Who was the Winner of Super Bowl LV 2021?

Super Bowl Championship takes place every year for decades, we have a list of winners from previous years. However, the team that won last year was none other than the spectacular Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Originating from Tampa Bay, Tampa Bay Buccaneers is an American football team that joined NFL in 1976 along with a few other teams. Ever since 1976, they have played in various championships under different coaches. However, they did have their dark ages. ‘

Though Tampa Bay Buccaneers were amongst the most profitable teams, they did have a dispute over payrolls that led to several hurdles for the team. Nonetheless, they have managed to win.

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Are you interested in knowing the particulars of their teams? Here are the statistics related to Tampa Bay buccaneers against their opposing teams.

Tampa Bay BuccaneersOpponents
First Downs (Rushing- Passing- By Penalty82- 238- 4478- 215- 26
Third Downs conversions83/19182/205
Fourth Downs conversions8/1414/25
TOTAL First Downs364319
Offense (Plays-Average yards1017 – 6.01023 – 5.1
Total Offensive Yards61455234
Rushing (Play-Average)369 – 4.1358
Total Rushing yards15191289
Passing410 – 626 – 12 – 7.6426 – 615 – 15 – 7.0
Total Passing Yards46263945
Field Goals28/3121/26
Average time of Possessions28:5431:05
Turnover ratio+8

As seen above, with excellent performance and commendable enthusiasm, the Tampa Bay buccaneers gained victory in the previous Super Bowl 2021 Championship.

Who is predicted to win Super Bowl 2022?

Though it may be difficult to predict very accurately, the sports experts may have already anticipated as to who will win Super Bowl LVI and there are solid reasons for it.

According to the current odds, Kansas City Chiefs might win this year’s match despite losing out on the previous one. The main reason for this is the outstanding team members they have. Because of their team play and enthusiasm, Kansas City Chiefs are.

Some other predictions include Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the winners of Super Bowl LV 2021, for obvious reasons. Bookies claim that Tampa Bay Buccaneers may put in efforts to win back-to-back and who knows, these efforts may be successful?

Winning 13 out of 16 games last year, Buffalo Bills also have a definite chance to win this time around. They did perform well in the previous championship by beating Colts and Raven in the first two rounds. However, Kansas City Chiefs sent them home after a fierce play.

This year, they may come back stronger only to win the championship!

The last amongst the predicted winners are the Baltimore Ravens. Though they did not perform that exceptionally in the latest Super Bowl championship, they still have earned the likes of various influential personalities including Lamar Jackson. They have also gained the confidence of Bookies which makes it safe to say that they may win this year.

To sum up, a few teams may be the favorites but still do not rule out the chances of other teams to win. If you truly want to know who will win, follow through the championship.

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Super Bowl LVI 2022- Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What do the winners at Super Bowl receive?

Ans. The prize includes both monetary and non-monetary rewards. Firstly, the winning team is given the NFL championship trophy. Along with this, comes the monetary. Now, you must be interested to know the amount, so here are the details.

CategoryPrize Money
Division Winner Wild Card$33,000
Other Wild Cards$30,000
Conference Championship$59,000
Super Bowl ChampionshipThe winning team gets $130,000

Aside from this, a most valuable player is also selected from either the winning team or the losing team.

Q. Which team has won most of the Super Bowl titles?

The maximum number of titles won by a single team is six and there are two teams that have done so. The two teams that have won Super Bowl six times are New England Patriots and Pittsburgh steelers. Next comes the Dallas Cowboys and San Francisco 49ers who have won five Super Bowl championship titles.

Q. Which team has played most of the Super Bowl Championships?

When it comes down to the most appeared team, it is none other than New England Patriots. Starting from 1986, they have attended a total of eleven Super Bowl championships.

If we talk about the other teams, Dallas Cowboys, Pittsburgh Steelers and Denver broncos come are the second most appeared teams.

Q. What happens at the halftime show of Super Bowl?

To keep the audience active and entertained, the management arranges a lavish musical performance featuring popular singers from all over the world. During the previous years, the weeknd, Beyonce, Bruno Mars, and Lady Gaga have been a part of Super Bowl’s halftime show.

Q. How is the Most Valuable Player selected at the Super Bowl?

The most valuable player is selected through a voting procedure. The votes are taken from the audience, the media as well as broadcast members.

Although audiences were not allowed to take part before 2001, they now have become a crucial part of it. The votes are acquired during the last few minutes of the game and a decision is taken towards the end of it. Players from both teams are considered for this title but the only one makes it through to win!

Q. Which player has won most of the M.V.P titles at Super Bowl?

Ever heard of Tom Brady? He is that one player with M.V.P titles at Super Bowl. His individual overall records include almost twenty appearances and seven victories. However, he has won over five M.V.P titles after joining the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2020.

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Therefore, Tom Brady is rated as the top player with five M.V.P titles followed by Jow Montanna with three titles and Bradd Starr, Terry Bradshaw, and Eli Manning with two titles each.


Conclusively, the Super Bowl Championship is an ongoing legacy that provides an exceptional experience for football lovers from all over the world.

With popular footballers and singers onboard, Super Bowl LVI 2022 is all set to provide its fans with an amazing yet thrilling game. So, what are you waiting for? Mark your calendars for Super Bowl Gametime 2022, which is coming back better than ever!